Since an FSI in Bavaria is not institutionalised per se – i.e. it is not a group with clearly defined rights and obligations – it is for the time being composed “only” of individual private persons with a common interest. An association offers us the opportunity to have a legal entity, to conclude contracts, to manage an account and to collect donations. To give an example: no FSI member has to spend 1000 Euros for a summer party – that is what the association does and thus bears the risk. For these reasons we decided to found an association in 2011, which has proved to be extremely valuable since then. Here are the current statutes from 09.10.2014.

The current board is composed as follows:

  • Chairman: Nicolas Münster
  • Vice Chairman: Conrad Schröder
  • Treasurer: Franziska Bauer
  • Deputy treasurer: Arndt Simon

To become a member simply fill out the membership application and send it to us – we are looking forward to it 🙂 Here you can find the data protection information.

In the unlikely event that you no longer wish to be a member, simply fill out and sign the scanned cancellation from and send it to

Contact us:

Förderverein des Erlanger Medizintechnik-Studiums e.V.
Martensstraße 3
91058 Erlangen


Association register number: VR 200594, Fürth local court


Stadt- and Kreissparkasse Erlangen
IBAN: DE78 7635 0000 0060 0380 05

Donation receipts can be issued from an amount of 20€. Please send an email with your name and address to