The MedTech-Dinner takes place regularely since summer term 2017.

All medical engineering students can participate. The idea of the MedTech-Dinner is to accomplish a better connection between the medical engineering students at the FAU.

Here’s how it works:
Two students sign up as one team. We will assign you to either appetizer, main course or dessert, so there are six people in one group. You and your teammate will serve your dish while the other students are guests. We will schedule the evening for you so you know what time to arrive at the appetizer and what time you all should change from appetizer to main course and so on. You may want to prepare your dish in advance as you will arrive simultaneously with your guests. Be prepared!

The better the food, the better the mood! If you want to spend some more time with those awesome medical engineering students you just met, there’ll probably be a spontaneous “after-dinner-party” downtown.

We think this is a great possibility to get to know more of your fellow students 🙂