The highlight of the summer party season (also known as summer semester) for any medical engineering student is clearly the MedTech-Sommerfest!

In the meantime well known and appreciated in other courses of study as well, this party takes place in May/June between Tentoria and the department of Electrical Engineering. We have some unique specials for you (including our legendary Assi-Austern) and celebrate the summer with you. Often you will also have the opportunity to meet your lecturers here, as they also like to come by ­čśë


At the beginning of the winter semester we organize a freshmen party. This is mainly planned and carried out by freshmen for freshmen.

The freshmen will not miss out on an unforgettable evening with classic MedTech specials and new creative ideas. The party usually takes place in the second or third week of lectures in the winter semester.


In cooperation with the ZiMT (Central Institute for Medical Engineering) we organize a party in the Zirkel (student club in Erlangen) about 1-2 times per semester.

You can find out when the next party will take place via social media channels of the ZiMT and us.