New Students

One of the most important events at the beginning of your studies is the welcome event for first semester students. There you will receive valuable information and tips from the study advisory service and from us about the study programme and formalities as well as a guided tour around campus. You also have the opportunity to get to know your fellow students!
The introductory event for the Bachelor takes place in the winter semester and for the Master in each semester. You can find the dates on the homepage of our study programme and on our social media channels. Make sure to check your FAU mail regularly, as you will also receive information via this channel (it is best to have your FAU mail forwarded to a different address, you can configure this in the IdM Portal).

The first-semester brochure (in German only) contains a lot of important and interesting information, aimed at first-year students in the Bachelor’s programme. We distribute it in printed form for free at the freshmen’s introduction event, but you can also pick it up in the FSI room or at the student advisory service or download it here(LINK EINFÜGEN) as PDF.

Of course there is also a lot of official information from the university. You can find most of it on the website of the study programme. There you will find the study guide, tutorials for the different web portals, information about the internship and most important: your examination regulations and module catalogues!
If you don’t get along with the official documents, don’t understand something or simply can’t find it, don’t hesitate to contact us!

As part of the first semester introduction there are also various events organized by us and other student organizations, e.g. our Pub Crawl, the semester opening party TechFak goes Downtown, our first semester party, and many more. The dates are announced in the introductory events and on the various social media channels.