University Politics

Here at FAU we students have the possibility to take part in almost every important decision. Topics regarding funding and financing, educational improvements, etc. are addressed in committees and commissions. Addressed issues are being democratically decided by professors, faculty members and students alike (including many members of FSI MedTech 😉 ).

Amongst others, these committees include on study program and department level:

  • Study Commission Medical Engineering (StuKo MT)
  • Committee for the Distribution of Teaching Subsidies Department Computer Science (StuZuKo Inf)

on faculty level:

  • Students’ Faculty Representation (FSV Tech)
  • Faculty Council (FakRat)
  • Committee for the Distribution of Teaching Subsidies Faculty of Engineering (StuZuKo Tech)
  • several Appointment Commissions
  • Board for Student Information and Advice (StIB-Kommission)

on university level:

  • Students’ Parliament (Konvent)
  • Students’ Association Executives (Sprat)
  • Senate
  • Commission for Teaching and Studying (Uni-LuSt)
  • Working Group on Structures in Student Advice

There are many more commissions and committees at our university. Usually we know the students’ representatives there well. If you have questions or suggestions for one of those, but don’t know your spokesperson, feel free to approach us.