University Politics

Here at FAU, we students have the opportunity to participate and influence many important decision-making processes. Various commissions and committees are responsible for the distribution of funds, questions regarding studies and teaching, and much more. Mostly professors, research assistants and students are represented in these committees (including many members from the FSI MedTech ;-)).

In the following we will introduce you to the most important committees and boards for us. There are a lot of other committees and commissions at our university. Usually we know the student representatives there well. If you have questions or suggestions for a committee, but do not know your representatives there, you are welcome to contact us.

Study Commission Medical Engineering

In the Study Commissions (StuKo), which exist for each degree programme, subject-specific topics are discussed such as

  • Examination regulations and module catalogues
  • Internship regulations
  • Teaching and evaluations

All problems, suggestions for improvement and reforms of the respective study programmes can be addressed here. Whether it is a matter of changes to the examination regulations or simply the renaming of a course: everything that arises in the respective degree programme is dealt with here. You are welcome to inquire about current topics by e-mail. In addition, we regularly inform you about important decisions of the StuKo via our social media channels.

Our student representatives in the StuKo are currently Conrad, Marc, Marcel and Martin.

Tuition Fee Compensation Committees

The Studienzuschusskommissionen (StuZuKos) advise on the allocation of the tuition fee compensations at faculty level or in the individual departments.

There are four students in the StuZuKo of the Department of Computer Science (two of whom are entitled to vote) and ten in the StuZuKo of the Faculty of Technology (five of whom are entitled to vote). These are made up of the various FSIs and university groups.

From the FSI MedTech there are currently Alexander and Jonas in the StuZuKo Inf and Conrad and Nicolas in the StuZuKo TF.

Faculty Student Council

The Faculty Student Council (FSV) of the Faculty of Engineering consists of 15 student members. You can elect them in June at the university elections.
Marcel from the FSI MedTech is represented there in the current term of 19/20 and is the FSV’s spokesman.
The task of the FSV is to represent student interests at the TechFak towards the professors, the university administration and the public. This includes, for example:

  • Reviewing and revising the decisions of the university from a student perspective
  • Sending four members to the faculty council
  • Sending three members to the student convention
  • Bringing in constructive suggestions for solutions in the interest of the students
  • Improving on the lack of space on campus
  • The TechFak-Sommerfest, TechFak goes Downtown and the TechFak lecture hall cinema
  • Campus development (optics, seating, water dispensers, expansion, etc)
  • Freshmen’s introduction (information booklets, official introduction)
  • Review and improvement of the “studyability” of study programmes

Of course, the FSV is happy to welcome anyone who would like to support it in its various activities. So please contact – also if you have questions – or come to the next meeting informally.