The MedTech-Dinner has been held regularly since the 2017 summer semester. As the name suggests, the event is aimed specifically at medical engineering students. The idea of the MedTech-Dinner is to connect us medical engineering students better with each other.

The evening proceeds as follows: You form a team of two and are assigned a course ( appetizer, main dish or dessert). You cook this assigned course as a team at home in your kitchen, while two other teams are guests. For the other two courses you will be guests of a different team. The times at which you will have to change locations are predetermined to ensure that the timing is right. But don’t forget that if you are in charge of the main dish or the dessert, you may arrive at your home at the same time as your guests. That’s why it is recommended to think about the dish and the necessary preparations early enough ­čśë

If you feel like spending the rest of the evening together after dinner, there is of course the possibility to arrange a spontaneous after-dinner-party in the city ­čśë